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Jerts Consulting builds Excel-based solutions that help organizations focus on critical success measures and improve organizational productivity.




Client Success Stories - Case Studies

Microsoft Excel Specialist

Case 1: Process Automation

Industry Financial Services Back-office Processing
Size 15 clients, 25,000 accounts, $10B assets under administration
Department Finance/Accounting

Return on Investment:
$500K/year excluding “soft” benefits

Very complex service agreements, unique to each client, required the accounting department to spend 3-4 hours per client calculating invoices. 

56 hours/billing cycle spent calculating invoices, cashflow impacted by delayed invoices, financial and reputational risk of manual errors, unable to analyze billing data.

Jerts Solution
Developed standard invoice-calculation template flexible enough to adapt to individual client requirements and changing service agreements via user-input fields.  Automated data extraction and loading, fee calculations, sanity-checks, prior-period comparisons, attribution analysis and invoice generation.   Reduced invoice preparation time by 95% (from 3-4 hours per client to 5-10 minutes per client), eliminated risk of manual errors, enabled billing data analytics and improved cashflow.


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