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Jerts Consulting builds Excel-based solutions that help organizations focus on critical success measures and improve organizational productivity.




Client Success Stories - Case Studies

Microsoft Excel Specialist

Case 2: Dashboard - Organizational Focus

Industry Financial Services Back-office Processing
Size 65 staff, 25,000 accounts, $10B assets under administration
Department Operations

Client needed to focus organizational attention on key operating measures. 

Multiple reports, different styles from multiple sources.  Client was spending several hours per week entering data, updating charts and providing explanations for fluctuations in the metrics.

Jerts Solution
Focused organizational attention on an Excel-based dashboard that highlighted key operating metrics and visually identified outliers, dynamically updated charts and tables, automated attribution analysis, provided time-series scrolling and drill-down to client-by-client level of detail.  Reduced preparation time from hours per week to minutes per week.


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